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Looking for bigger prize winners?  Each giveaway we share has a LINK in the post. Be sure to follow that link so you can enter completely! In that link is also a set of “Official Rules” which contain information on how to get the list of winners.  Each giveaway has an official run-time. In other words, a time that it begins and ends. If the giveaway isn’t over yet, there aren’t winners names available (obviously!) 🙂  But this is 100% legit, and people really do win! We are working with huge companies, helping them promote giveaways of real prizes. Help us get the word out!

Congrats to our winners! Will YOU be next!?

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Winners will be spotlighted here and must claim their prize by 1 p.m. Eastern the day following their name being drawn as the winner. Good luck!

Congrats Winners:


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