WB Insider Rewards – Free Points = Free Rewards!!

WB Insider Rewards – Free Points = Free Rewards!!

If you love Disney Movie Rewards, here’s a similar program from WB!

1. Sign up and you’ll get 100 points
2. Use code WB23 for 200 points
3. Register for their email newsletter and get 5 points
4. Visit the site daily and get 5 points each day
5. Take this survey for another 50 points (log in before clicking link)

You might also want to check the movies you have around the house to see if you have any codes, and enter them in link above. Codes found in movies are single/one-time use, and will net you between 75-100 points.

Here’s a link to the points catalog to see what you can get with your points (note: must be logged in to see catalog).  You can redeem your points to “buy” DVDs and Blu-Ray movies for as low as 1500 points.



10-day free trial

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  1. ethel eva turner says

    i have been looking for old movies.from the 60’s and 70’s.i like to win movies on dvd.