WARNING! If You Get a Check Like This From Walmart, Here’s What It Means:


This is a scam, and we’re here to warn you about it to keep you safe!

This scam, known as the Walmart Paycheck Scam and the WMnewtalents Scam is making its rounds again. While it may not always look exactly the same, we want to show you what to watch out for so you can learn to spot a fake and stay safe online.

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Alleged Free Money:

The Claim:

Imagine receiving the following letter:

Re: Acceptance Letter. Please activate the enclosed payroll check online before depositing.

This is to inform you that base on the previous survey by our affiliate Consumer Survey and Quality Control Specialists, you indicated your interests in an additional income on a part time bases.  You are hereby selected to participate in a Quality Control Program, as one of the Research Personnel selected under this program, you will be working as a Consumer Service Evaluator of some selected merchant outlets and service providers. This research program is a fully paid program and would become a permanent part time position for a selected few who are able to distinguish themselves in the course of this program. You will be assigned different jobs every week, for each job assignment, you will get paid different salary depending on the nature of the job assigned. Upon accepting this offer, you must keep your identity and assignment as a CONFIDENTIAL in order not to introduce any form of bias to the data you collect. There is no obligation as to how long you keep this job, you are allowed to quit whenever you want.

You will be required to complete a paid training assignment. This is a hands on self training designed to equip you with the knowledge necessary for you to effectively carry out your assignment(s) as an experience researcher Personnel under this program.

Stores and organizations such as The Gap, Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut and among many others may pay to shop in their establishments and report their experience. On top of being paid for shopping you are also allowed to keep purchases for free.

Helping to drive exceptional bottom-line performance, nearly 800,000 shoppers have registered at our website, performing millions of BUY AND KEEP throughout Europe and North America. With our continual investment in the latest online and communication technologies, working as a Consumer Service Evaluator is satisfying and rewarding experience.

Breakdown of the enclosed chck bearing the required funds to cover your first week

1. Particpation pay for first week……………….$350.00

2. Stipulated Amount for Evaluation ……………..(see survey assignment #1)

3. Required Funds for retain shopping assignment ………………(see survey assignment #2)

Check activation:

Findings (What makes it fake?)


This is not a legit offer; it is spam. STEER CLEAR! To stay safe we highly recommend that you read our Big List of Fakes and learn how to protect yourself on every single freebie you sign up for. Read also: Getting Started with Gimmie.

Stay safe online with Gimmie’s Big List of Fake Freebies to Avoid!

We are the home of the Gimmie’s Big List of Fake Freebies to Avoid. We research all samples before we share to keep you safe online. You may not realize it, but scammers and spammers are notorious for posting fake offers. There are lots of reasons why people post fake freebies, but usually it is about money. They build up a website or Facebook fanpage and then sell it for profit. Or, they take your info submitted in their alleged freebie form, and sell it to Spammers.


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