Stouffers Dinner Club Rewards Program – Free Stuff

stoffers dinner club rewards

Stouffers Dinner Club Rewards Program – Free Stuff

Get free stuff from Stouffers Dinner Club Rewards Program! Spend your points to redeem for fun items in the Stouffers rewards catalog.

Here’s how:

  1. Join HERE – You’ll get 100 points for joining
  2. Click “Earn Points” on menu at bottom left of page
  3. Take the special Quiz survey at the beginning of each month for 10 points

Free Points - Try these older codes for more FREE points!

  • NEW: Enjoy DOUBLE POINTS in April
  • SubsParty10 – 20 points
  • FARMERSHARVEST – 20 points

In addition you can collect unique 12 digit codes found inside participating Stouffers single serve meals. Enter codes in your Dinner Club account, up to 10 per day. Each code is worth 20 points and can be entered only once.


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