How To: Remove Facebook Apps


How To: Remove Facebook Apps

A good practice with Freebies on Facebook is to remove apps after signing up.  Whenever you sign up for something and need to click “Allow” to let it access your profile, you can remove the app on Facebook.  It’s not necessary to remove every app, but it’s a really good idea if you’re ever in doubt or something looks even mildly suspicious.

How to Remove a Facebook Application:

Easy method: Go to the Facebook App management page and click X on far right of app you want to remove.


Step-by-step method:
1. Go to your home page on Facebook
2. in left hand column (under “apps”) scroll over the upper right corner of the box to reveal “more” and click it
3. click the gear icon app-gear next to the app you’d like to remove, then “remove app”


Alternately, you can click the downward pointing arrow in upper right corner of Facebook, then click “Settings” then “Apps” (click X next to) any you don’t want.  You can also find other options of types of apps to remove under you main app list.



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