Mt. Dew Glow Stick Bottle Hoax & How to Make a Real Glow Stick Bottle

Mt. Dew Glow Stick Bottle Hoax

You may have heard that you can make fun Mt. Dew glow bottles with a little baking soda and peroxide. It seems like the perfect, frugal way to make a fun project with your kids (or the young at heart!)

But, let us spared you the anguish of wasted soda by telling you up front: 

This Does NOT work.

I saw this posted on a friend’s Facebook page, so I decided to Google it.  Snopes debunks the Mt. Dew Glow Bottle myth as a hoax, here. As you know, GimmieFreebies is the home of Gimime’s Big List of Fake Freebies to avoid. We work hard to uncover hoaxes, scams and fakes. If you’re ever in doubt – ask us!

Never fear, frugal fun seekers!  Gimmie has a better idea on a similar concept, that actually does work! Scroll down for a recipe for glow-stick soda bottles and enjoy your summer nights with this pseudo-firefly night light.

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How to Make a Firefly Glow Stick Bottle that actually works!

Photo Credit: Juggling With Kids

No Mountain Dew required for this one!!  I remember being a kid, catching fireflies in a mason jar.  It was such simple, frugal fun. Ahhh, the good old days.  :)  Here’s a fun project you can do with your kids.

What you’ll need:

  • 3 Glow Sticks (you can buy them at the dollar store in packs of 6 or 12)
  • Any plastic or glass bottle (or jar) with a cover

What you’ll do:

  • Make sure the bottle is clean and dry
  • Cut one end of glow stick, put open end in bottle and shake out contents, being careful not to make a mess :)
  • Repeat with more glow sticks to add desired amount of glow “juice”
  • Experiment with using same colors, or mixing colors up in the same bottle
  • Replace cover on bottle
  • Shake
  • Enjoy!

Please note:  Children should not attempt this without parental supervision.  Contents of glow stick are NOT harmful or toxic.  However, you’ll want to be careful when making this project it may stain clothing or surfaces.



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