Moving Day Freebies & Deals


Moving Day Freebies & Deals

As someone who moved 13 times in 9 years, I learned a thing or two about moving.  First and foremost, I learned that I hate moving with a passion.  Second, I learned how incredibly expensive it can be to move. Not only do you have the obvious moving expenses, you may have extra fees to turn on utilities and services, and there are all the little things – like how your sectional sofa no longer fits in your living room.

But don’t dismay, there are always ways to save money!  I’ve included some tips, but please share in the comments section if you have any other ideas.


I’m not sure what law of nature it is, but a moving always seems makes the old place look worse and the new place look like it’s missing something.  Whether it’s repairing a wall, painting a room, or just getting a different trash can – it’s always something.  So, the beloved big box stores want to give you a little house warming gift in the way of savings.

  • Home Depot moving – get a 10% savings coupon when you sign up
  • Lowe’s moving – get a 10% savings coupon via email
  • TIP:  Home Depot and Lowe’s take each others’ coupons!

Change of Address

You can also pick up a “Moving” pack from your local post office which contains a 10% coupon for Lowe’s and lots of other savings offers.  Or, if you prefer, you can fill out a change of address online.  This link also includes over $500 in valuable coupons for moving, including savings on services such as television, phone and Internet.

Free Moving Boxes

Why pay for new boxes when you can get free boxes!?  Many stores are more than happy to give away boxes so they don’t have to pay to dispose of them (or recycle). I’ve gotten moving boxes from Walmart (they stock shelves at night and have boxes available early the next morning in the Customer Service department).  I’ve also found great boxes at electronic and music stores.  And I’ve even had luck finding (and later giving away) moving boxes on Freecycle and/or Craigslist.  You can also use both services to downsize before your move.


If you move often or don’t plan to unpack some of your belongings, you may want to consider buying Rubbermaid Totes as opposed to using cardboard boxes.  There is an initial investment, but it’s worth it to protect your cherished keepsakes that you may not unpack right away.  They’re also wonderful for storing seasonal and holiday items. They don’t have to be Rubbermaid brand, but do try to get something sturdy. The cheaper ones (and especially the “cute” clear plastic ones) don’t hold up as well and once they’re broken they’re worthless. That’s not saving anything.

Moving Truck Rental

U-Haul is probably the most widely known do-it-yourself moving service. WhenI moved cross country, I did a little digging to find that U-Haul will match competitor prices, and that saved me a fortune!  I found a much cheaper rate at Budget Truck Rental, but went with U-Haul to get access to the bigger fleet and more locations.  Most, if not all the larger rental companies will match prices.  Start by gathering general prices from their websites or main phone numbers (listed below).  Be sure to do a quick Google search to find any available coupon codes too.  Then try talking to your local branch to have them price match their competition.  You’ll be amazed how much you can save!  Wait to book a reservation until you’ve talked to all of them at least once, and given them a chance to give you the best price. Once you’re locked in it’ll be harder to cancel and barter on the price.

If you’re going to need their storage facility, be sure to factor that into the final cost and make your decision accordingly.

And lastly, consider renting a trailer instead of a truck so you won’t get stuck paying mileage on in-town rentals.  Don’t be fooled by the price tag.  Add to the cheap $19.95 per day, almost $1 per mile plus gas for that big ol’ load.  Depending on how far you’re moving, you can be looking at several hundred dollars.  Chances are it may be a lot cheaper to pay for a day with a trailer even if you have to make more than one trip.


  • In my personal experience, they have the worst equipment, and worst customer service
  • Free month storage with one-way rental + no minimum stay required
  • 1-800-GO-UHAUL (1-800-468-4285)

Budget Truck Rental

  • SAVE: Use coupon code to save 20% with Budget Truck Rental coupon code 20DIS
  • SAVE: Go through Ebates to save 2.5% cash back (on a $1,000 rental, that’s $25.00!!)
  • 1-800-462-8343  sign up for email deals

Enterprise Truck Rental

  • 1-888-736-8287

Penske Truck Rental

  • Chat with Penske online after you get web quotes from the others, they often price match and have the best functioning equipment!
  • AAA members get 12% off
  • 1-888-996-5415

Hertz Truck Rental

  • 1-888-999-5500


  • 1-800-GO-RYDER (1-800-297-9337) –
  • they do not offer one-way (out of town) rentals



10-day free trial

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  1. jeremyet tunnicliff says

    Thank you! I am looking to move closer to my family over the summer, granted it’s only 20 miles away, but every little bit helps. As a long time single mom, I need to make sure I spend every cent wisely! Any other tips would be very much appreciated. :)

  2. April K says

    Darn, we just moved about a month ago and these are great tips! My favorite is the Unsullied price match, that’s awesome! Will keep in mind for next time…