Host a MyParty – Get Freebies (Expired)

Register with MyParty to host great parties – and get freebies!!

Similar to House Party, MyParty is another great way to get VERY GENEROUS freebie packages when you host parties. We shared this a while back with a Coca-Cola gift pack.  Check out all the wonderful stuff in it that fan Jenni shared on our wall! The Coke party was very limited and is no longer available, but check out the great offers they have at any given time!!

Yayy! Got my Coca Cola AMA Party Pack from My- Party (I Think)!!!! Here's what it had: 24 Aluminum Bottles of Coke, 2 Free 12-pack coupons, 15 coupons for a free bottle of Coke, A banner, 15 free music download cards (with 3 songs a piece), 6 Tshirts, 15 keychains, 20 award ballots, Napkins, Plates, a $40 Papa Johns Card for Pizza, 15 free coupons for Coke at the movies, a Jessica Jarrell CD sampler, and Two DJ Hero and Guitar Hero stickers!!!!!! Gimmie Freebies!!!!!!!! The kids are going to looooove this!!! Thanks for what you do everyday!!!!!!

MyParty brings the fun right to you! Each party has sponsors providing products or experiences they want to share with fans like yourself. We provide the opportunity for you to invite your friends and family to experience these Brands and provide direct feedback that shapes consumer opinion—all while you get to check out some of the newest things on the market!

How does it work?

MyParty Hosts are carefully chosen to represent a Brand’s specific consumer target. These Hosts then invite their family and friends to join them in a party focused around the Brand and their product. To ensure the party is a success for all, the Host receives a Party Kit containing everything they will need.

What kind of parties are there?

MyParty creates experiences for a large variety of Brands. Some examples of parties held are: food and beverage sampling, sporting events, arts and crafts, product demonstrations, and television/movie viewing.

Who can join?

Anyone who is 14 years of age or older is welcome to join MyParty.  From students to parents to executives – diversity is important to MyParty and people from all walks of life are encouraged to join.



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