Host a Coca-Cola AMA Awards Party – Get Freebies (Ages 13-18, Must Apply)

Apply to Host a Coca Cola AMA Awards Party from My-Party!

MANY Gimmie fans got this last year and were thrilled with the quality and quantity of the party pack!! We love Coke!

We are looking for teens between the ages of 13-18 who have a passion for the Coca-Cola® Brand, a love of music and the American Music Awards, enjoy hosting parties and sharing it all through their social networks.  (NOTE the hints to how to answer questions are in this statement!!)

Please note, the Coca-Cola® AMA Viewing Party Program is only open to residents of the United States.

Here’s what your awesome party pack will include:

  • 1 case of Coca-Cola aluminum bottles
  • Pringles Stix for you and your friends
  • $40 Papa John’s Pizza gift card
  • 25 Free song downloads from Universal Music Group
  • Live Nation concert cash for you & friends
  • AMA Tshirt for you and your friends
  • Photo-op background

Thanks Mommy V’s Freebies!



10-day free trial

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