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Hate the New Facebook? Here’s how to go back.



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Hate the New Facebook?  Here’s how to go back, or move on.

We’ve been asked several times from fans who are missing our updates on Facebook.  If you’ve noticed that you’re not getting updates from Gimmie on Facebook, try these steps to fix it.

First things first: join the GimmiEclub free daily email so you don’t miss our updates! That way, no matter what Facebook does you’ll always have your Gimmie. :)

Facebook made a change recently that affects your news feed and how you see friends and pages you interact with. While that’s nice in theory, that means you may be missing out on a lot.

To change it back:

One way to get around the new Facebook Newsfeed is to create a list called “everyone,” then add all of your friends, family, business pages, etc. Click the EVERYONE list and you’ll see Facebook the way you’re used to seeing, with no sorting of “TOP STORIES FROM THE LAST 45 MINUTES” – as determined by Facebook, not you.  For step-by-step instructions on changing back, scroll down and see Make an Everyone List below.

To work around the problem:

Tell Facebook what you want:  The easiest way to tell Facebook the items you want to see is to mark them as “Top News.” Click the upper right corner (or upper left) and mark the story “Top News” – then Facebook will know you want to see updates from Gimmie!

Not really a fix, but an alternative: Everyone is buzzing about Google+, which strategically went “live” today (previously was by invite only) – the day everyone is hating the new Facebook layout!  Here’s how to join Google+, which might just be the next social network to be on.You can get to Google+ easily by going to Google.com and clicking the very LEFT menu item: YOU (or your name).

At this time there’s no easy way to have a GimmieFreebies fanpage (but they’re promising that’s coming soon).  However, at the top of any article on GimmieFreebies blog you’ll see a blue button with a +1.  Clicking this will give the article a +1 on Google, and will open a box that will allow you to click and type something to share it on Google+!

HOW TO Make an Everyone List

  1. On Facebook, click “Home” in the upper right corner of your screen
  2. Then, on left side of page click “Lists” and “Create List
  3. Name your list (we used “Everyone”), and click Create List button
  4. Next, “Add Friends” to your Everyone list.
  5. To find PAGES, click “Friends” on top left, then “Pages“. Find pages, click to add them and click DONE.
  6. Now when you click “Everyone” on left side, you’ll see your old Facebook you know and love!

Thanks to Kim for sharing on our wall, and Facecrooks for the ideas.

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  2. Sandra Price says:

    I’m not finding “pages”? help me? thank you :)

  3. Darla says:

    I did all of that but i forgot to do the pages before i hit done. How can i go back & add the pages i want?? HELP!!! LOL :)

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  8. Joann Tompkins-Winborn says:

    I do not have a box that says PAGES..where did they go???

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  12. Please put Face book back like it was.I am a elderly lady like a lot on face book .I was enjoying see pictures of my Great Grand Daughter was just Born 9-19-11.and you took that away.my Grandson the Father of the new born.will be leaving for Afghistain9-29-11.and a lot of my Family& Friends.so im asking you to please’please.put things back like it was last night. thanks Clarissa

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  16. Diane says:

    That’ll work until they implement this garbage….

    While tuning into a few quick Q&A interviews after the official Facebook F8 keynote, I managed to catch one very alarming point: Timelines, the huge new Facebook feature, is meant to completely replace our Facebook profiles. This means that the entire user interface will be scrapped and taken over by timelines.

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