Gofobo: Free Movie Screeners Tickets & Passes


Gofobo: Free Movie Screeners Tickets & Passes

Get Free Tickets to Movie Screeners from Gofobo! Read our Gofobo feature to see how movie screener tickets work, what you can expect and how to make the most of it.

To find FREE Movie tickets:

  1. Click link above and enter your zip code to see if anything is currently available (cities and dates vary, and change often!)  If there’s nothing available today, check back often.
  2. Watch GimmieFreebies.com for free movie screener passes we post!
  3. To find RSVP codes, follow Gofobo RSVP Codes

What are movie screeners?

Movie screeners are movies shown at theaters before they’re released to the public.

They’re already gone!

Not exactly. It’s true: tickets sell out fast!  For example, there were 5 available in my area earlier today but now, there are none. Check back often! They’re not gone forever!

What can I expect at a movie screening?

Seats are always oversold, so GO EARLY to ensure you get in.  Tickets are free.  Concessions (popcorn, candy, hot dogs, chips, drinks, etc.) usually cost extra.  But, sometimes food is included, and sometimes you get free stuff too!

How does it work?

There are only a limited number of free screeners passes given out per movie screening. After a certain number of tickets are given away, an RSVP code is needed to get tickets.  For the second tier of tickets given or if the movie is especially exclusive, they may only offer RSVP tickets and never open it to the public.



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