Free $10 Gift Card to – Ownza


Free $10 Gift Card to – Ownza

Head on over and claim your FREE $10 Gift Card to from Ownza!  Try out the Ownza button and they’ll give you $10 to spend on shoes. You’ll receive your gift card within 4 days, but they’re aiming to get them out faster – within 24 hours.

About Ownza: Make a list of the things that you own and the things that you wan to own. Get cash back for posting the new things that you buy from any of thousands of stores such as GAP, Macy’s, Target, The Home Depot, Expedia and lots more.  You can also see neat stuff others have added to their lists. It’s like shopping on Pinterest!

According to Crunchbase: ShopSquad is now Ownza.  Ownza lets you share, discover and discuss cool products. Unlock personalized discounts based on what you own. Ownza also allows users to see what other people, including their friends and trendsetters, own and want.

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