Free Starbucks With The Starbucks Grocery Challenge

free starbucks grocery challenge

Free Starbucks With The Starbucks Grocery Challenge

From now until October 19th, every trip to your grocery store can earn you an extra reward.  Every bag wins.  Let the rewards begin: enjoy a bonus Star, free Starbucks drink, food and even a $10 Free Starbucks eGift. From now until Oct 19th, each time you purchase a specially marked bag of Starbucks® coffee in the grocery aisle, you’ll earn a little something extra. So, how much can you earn?

Collect them all.

Purchase Starbucks coffee at your local participating grocery store. Then, find the Star code on the package and enter it online. It’s as simple as that. For every code entered, the rewards just keep getting better:

  • MSR Star1st code: Bonus Star
  • MSR Star2nd code: Free tall brewed coffee*
  • MSR Star3rd code: Free food item*
  • MSR Star4th code: $10 Starbucks Card eGift

Get more information on the program HERE.

If you’re ready, get started by entering your code here. We’ll take care of the rest – all extra rewards will be automatically sent to your email address.

Oh, and another thing.

Don’t forget, on top of these rewards, every time you purchase Starbucks coffee in the grocery aisle you’ll also be earning Stars. More Stars = more sweet rewards for free food and drinks at Starbucks.

Not familiar with My Starbucks Rewards™? Just think of it as our way of making sure you get the special treatment no matter where you buy coffee.



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