Free Sample of Schiff MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil

Get a Free Sample of Schiff MegaRed supplement for heart and joint health.

Schiff® MegaRed® Omega-3 Krill Oil is small, red, powerful and supports cardiovascular health. MegaRed® provides phospholipid omega-3s for fast absorption.

May reduce the risk of coronary heart disease!  Schiff MegaRed contains 100% pure Antarctic krill, tiny crustaceans that thrive on the frigid watrers of the Antarctic.  MegaRed provides an optimal combination of omega-3 fatty acides, phospholipids and critical antioxidants to support heart and joint health.

Unlike fish oil, MegaRed omega-3 fatty acides are mainly absorbed and carried to the body’s cells in phospholipid form.  phospholipids form the structural basis of cell membranes, so MegaRed phospholipids with omega-3 fatty acides are easily recognized, incorporated and utilized by the body. And, there’s no fishy aftertaste.

Just take one small, easy-to-swallow softgel per day. It’s quality-tested for purity.

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