Free Sample of Pine Bros Cough Drops

Free Sample of Pine Bros Cough Drops!!

Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops have been soothing America’s sore throats for over 140 years. That’s a lot of trust! Won’t you please give us a try and allow us to send you 2 free samples of Pine Brothers; a delicious NATURAL HONEY drop and a mouth watering WILD CHERRY drop? We’re certain you’ll agree that Pine Brothers are more delicious and more effective than any other throat drop in the world.

Thank you so much. Victoria Knight-McDowell, CEO Pine Brothers, LLC., and creator-founder and former owner of Airborne Formula.

Since there was a question on our Facebook Fanpage about whether or not this was legit, I did some research. Pine Bros. was originally making cough drops back in the 80s – some of you may remember them. They went out of business in the 90s, but the co-founder and original owner of Airborne bought them and has started making them again. You can read about it here.



10-day free trial

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