Free Prescription Eyeglasses & FREE Designer Frames + Shipping

Free Prescription Eyeglasses + Shipping

Get Free Prescription Eyeglasses from CoastalContacts!! The frames shown above are included (reg. $350!)
This is a great way to get those back to school glasses for free!

I’ve heard time and time again from fans who have received these glasses; they say paying a nominal shipping charge is NOT equal to finding cheap $10 glasses elsewhere (and, frankly, you can). These glasses are very high quality, name brand frames and they guarantee you’ll be thrilled with them!!

Freebie-IDEA from fan Chelsea: “I don’t need glasses, but I ordered a pair with zero prescription to wear as a fashion accessory! I got the cutest designer frames that would have cost me $250 regular price, and just paid shipping!!”

To get your free glasses:

  1. Just click here for Free Prescription Eyeglasses
  2. See tips to prepare below, you’ll need your glasses prescription and you’ll need to measure the distance between your pupils
  3. Use coupon code: FIRSTPAIRFREE  at checkout to receive your free frames and prescription lenses

Note: you will pay around $13 for shipping. Check out the comments from fellow fans – they are WELL worth that nominal fee.

Click here and get started!

If you’re shopping, try this! I got FREE shipping on my contacts with Coastal Coupon Code ac54u23

Tips to Prepare for This Freebie

  • Along with your prescription, you’ll need to measure the distance between your eyes.  They have a ruler thingy you can print out. B)
  • Try on glasses using our Virtual Mirror to see how they will look on you.
  • Watch this video to see how to use the measurements on your current frames to find a pair of glasses that will have a similar fit.

Frames that say “coupon not applicable” aren’t included in this promo.  Your free pair of glasses will include our standard 1.5 index lenses, which accommodates up to a -8.00. However, if your prescription is over a + or -2.00, you may want to upgrade to a thinner, lighter lens. If you choose to upgrade your lenses, or have selected progressives, Transitions or a tint, you will see the cost of the upgrade in your order total.

The fine print: First time glasses customers only. Valid for coupon eligible frames only. To get your free pair apply the coupon code  at checkout. 1.5 index lenses included for free. Lens upgrades including: higher index lenses, progressives, Transitions, polarized and all lens coatings are available at additional cost. Shipping and handling charges up to $20 apply. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Valid for residents of the United States only. reserves the right to cancel orders that appear to be in violation of this promotion.



10-day free trial

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  1. Nelle says

    These glasses are AMAZING! I got a free pair earlier this year and they are far better quality than my $40 pair from (my previous cheap glasses source). They also come with a REALLY nice case, and a cleaning kit. The lenses are so clear, they’re well made, and I get compliments on them alllll the time. :)

  2. Danielle L. says

    I wish I could get free glasses but my prescription is so bad that I always have to pay big bucks.

  3. Heidi S. says

    I guess I will have to try to catch the next one. Thanks for posting all these great freebies!

  4. LissaLissa says

    I just “liked” them and it says their giveaway was July 22, not July 27 like you posted! :(

    REPLY: Not sure where you’re seeing the 22nd, although it may have been then too. This was there post yesterday, the 27th:
    Hey, America! Missed your chance on free frames during previous giveaways!? Well, now’s your chance to participate! We have a little over 1,000 free frames left to giveaway. Use code FREEGLASSES727 at checkout to receive your frames and 1.5 index lenses for FREE! HURRY! Visit our Free Glasses tab for more information.​/glasses/cCouponEligibleGlasse​s.html

  5. Darlene says

    I recieved my glasses today. I am very happy with them. A perscription pair of glasses for about 15 dollars, WOW COASTAL you ROCK. Thank you so much I love them an so do my friends and family. Beautiful pair of glasses along with a nice case , a cleaning clothe…and a key chain screw driver for your glasses, along with a cloth bag to put my glasses in. Certainly sending family and friends to your site. Thanks again

    Happy as ever,

  6. Candy says

    I got my glasses today from last weeks promo. I love them and am grateful to get them as I have no money. THANKS!!!!! they are gorgeous frames! I set up a shopping cart the night before and got there first thing in the morning but the promo seems to have lasted into the afternoon before all the pairs were gone. mine were $15.37. good exchange policy too!!!!

  7. says

    What if Coastal Contacts could do a special promotion to give glasses to the victims of the tornados in Joplin, Missouri and Alabama as well as many of the other devastating tornados that have hit here recently… Maybe they should look into this as a way to help many of these… maybe lift the restrictions for them to replace them and have them order new glasses for them.

  8. Profile photo of Gimmie says

    Yes, but the free glasses are standard lenses only. If you want bi- or trifocals it will cost extra. I just got my hubby a pair of bifocal glasses though this offer and it was a HUGE discount even though I did have to pay for the upgrade.

  9. Theresa Henderson says

    This is so awesome. It is so great! This is wonderful for people who can’nt afford their glasses.

  10. Kereba says

    I ordered mine today. I had to go the eye doc last week, and went ahead and bought a pair there. wow. 389 for one pair. but i really needed them. when i heard about this, i was like, i do need a back up pair incase something happens to these. i paid 50 total. i opted to get the thinner lens than what the free ones are, because my eyes are bad and the lens is heavy. but 50 compared to 389??? and it amazes me that the frames are a great price. i will be coming back again and using coastal contacts.

  11. Laura says

    Whoo! I was finally online to get a pair! I was thinking it was TOMORROW so I am so glad I checked this page! (I had it bookmarked from the last giveaway) Got through with no problems at all and the total was like $14.58 for a pair of prescription glasses! Can’t beat it!!!

  12. Bobobobo says

    THANK YOU!!! I got my glasses!! I couldn’t get my prescription, and it’s old anyway….so I guessed it. Afterall, I can always get lens made for the frames, right??

  13. angela says

    this a great opportunity for people like me who cannot afford eyeglasses. I took advnatage of the is October and got a great pair of that I love and I always get compliments on them. I will make tell everybody I know about it

  14. says

    oh this would be so wonderful to win a pair. I accidentally broke my prescription glasses yesterday and dont have the money to replace them at this time. I wish everyone the best for winning and I hope I am in the winning as well! ;)

  15. Christin says

    I did get a pair during the last give-a-way and they are awesome, shipped fast, was able to track my order through the whole thing and when I called the people I spoke with were great! I would pay full price next time, I got a great pair of glasses for $13.00!

    *my script was 3 years old (still works but out of date) and they let me use it, you don’t need anything from your dr.*

  16. tina says

    i don’t have a prescription but i need glasses so if i tried this and was able to get it what would you recomend that i put for the prescription if you could help i can’t afford to go get glasses so i just thought maybe this would be a good idea
    thank you

  17. Profile photo of Gimmie says

    Hey David, the site was very busy during the giveaway but I actually was able to get through without problem. Hopefully you did too! :)

  18. DAVID says