9 Free Postagram Postcards (Free Shipping)


9 Free Postagram Postcards (Free Shipping)

Send up to 7 free Postagram Postcards with free Shipping courtesy of Hyatt.

You can also get 2 more free Postagram Postcard from Coppertone too!

  1. Simply visit this offer at the link above and click the green Get Started button to start using the Postagram app
  2. Choose a Facebook photo, select a friend on Facebook to send the card to, enter your message & your friend’s mailing address, and send your postcard!
  3. Next, if you share on Facebook, you’ll get a 2nd free postcard.
  4. After you create & send your 2nd card, you’ll be offered to get the free mobile app for another 5 free postcards!

between both offers, you should be able to get up to 9 FREE Postagram Postcards!!

I’ve gotten these before and sent some to family with the kids pics in it. They kept telling me how much they loved these cards. Plus, the image on the Postagram can be popped out if you want too.

Attention Mobile Users: If you’re trying to access this freebie on a PHONE, you will need to go through the full Facebook site and click the “tab” with offer. Find out how to get Facebook Freebies on a Mobile Phone in this link.

Below is the offer you will see after sending your 2nd free card on the link above. You can then enter your mobile number or download the app for 5 more cards. :)

postagram mobile



10-day free trial

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