Free LED Flashlight from Marlboro

Get a Free LED Flashlight from Marlboro!!

To get your free LED Flashlight from Marlboro, click link above and claim it. I’ve pasted a screen print of the three steps you’ll need to take once you log onto Marlboro’s homepage.

  1. Click Promos & Offers on right side of screen
  2. Click Get a FREE L.E.D. Flashlight
  3. Click Claim your free flashlight

click to view larger

A few things to note: technically, these offers are for smokers.  If you’ve never signed into Marlboro’s website, you’ll need to confirm your age. This is sort of a process and may require your driver license number and/or last 4 of your social. The Federal Government requires that they not allow people under age to access their site, so they’re mandated to confirm who you are.  They are a well established company, not some fly-by-night thing, but if you’re not comfortable with this feel free to pass. Just know that once you have an account with them you won’t have to do that again.  And, they give really great freebies!

Last fall, Marlboro had a 12-week “Outwit the West” Challenge that was ridiculously hard.  Thanks to a dedicated team of three super smart and dedicated ‘Westerners (and me), we were able to land the top prize.  I chose a Samsung Netbook computer!  I have to say if it wasn’t for my incredible team “Golden Ticket” I wouldn’t have made it.  ;)

I don’t encourage or promote use of tobacco products. I’ve posted this offer because of the nature of the free items offered. Please feel free to pass if this isn’t for you.



10-day free trial

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  1. Eileen says

    I was lucky enough to win a trip to the Marlboro Ranch in
    It was all Bostonians and I am hoping that myself or my boyfriend wins so we can go back! It was the best experience of my life!