Free Digital Movie Rental (Target Ticket)

Free Digital Movie Rental

Free Digital Movie Rental (Target Ticket)

If you’re enjoying the Golden Globes Award Shows and can’t wait for the Academy Awards, here’s your chance to watch some Oscar worthy movies on us!  It’s easy, just head on over and grab a FREE Movie Rental from Target Ticket! Grab some popcorn and skip the theater!

Who doesn’t love FREE Entertainment!? You can rent digital movies with our FREE digital movie codes to get this great freebie!

Here’s how to get your FREE Movie Rental:

  1. Log-in or sign up for a new Target Ticket account
  2. Head on over and choose your FREE Movie Rental you want to get free
  3. Apply the promo code XBOXRENTAL
  4. Proceed to checkout (total will be FREE)
  5. Your movie will appear in your library

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Get instant access to the latest new release movies and next day TV episodes – no subscription necessary

Stream or download your digital library through a variety of apps and devices

Experience extra content, like free sneak peeks, bonus features and more

NOTE:  A credit card is required to check out. If you’d  rather not use your primary credit/debit card for offers, consider getting  a Free Credit Card we recommend.



10-day free trial

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