Free Card Reader for Smart Phone

Here’s another FREE Card Reader you can get for your smart phone!! Snag this freebie now, and it’ll arrive in about a week!

There’s NO upfront fees. Pay nothing out of your pocket!!  If you use the card to process a credit card transaction, you’ll pay a small fee which comes out of the transaction.  When you swipe a credit card, you’ll pay just 2.69%, that’s almost exactly the same as the FREE Intuit Card Reader you can also get right here.  I got both just in case I want to switch things up. :)  And, it’s less than the 2.75% that Square charges.

This would be perfect for any business owner, especially mobile businesses such as party entertainment (can you tell I was at a birthday party last weekend – there were clowns and a petting zoo with pony rides!!) :)

Mobile auto detailers, dog walkers, babysitters, service work and contractors such as plumbers, electricians, etc. — all of these would benefit greatly being able to accept credit cards in the field. Girl Scouts! Are you selling cookies? Snag this and you’ll be able to sell more! I’ve passed on countless cookies because I didn’t have any cash on me!

Artists, crafters at craft sales, swap meets! The possibilities are endless!

Here’s how to request your free card reader:

  1. Click here to FREE Card Reader
  2. Fill out name, email & phone and click SIGN UP
  3. Your free card reader will arrive in about a week!

It’s free to sign up and, the equipment is free. It’s easy!  There’s nothing to cancel and no commitment. There’s a small fee per swipe. Or, if you’d prefer, they also have a monthly deal if you do a lot of volume. Check it out to see what’s right for you.



10-day free trial

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