Free Candle Making Genius: How To Make Candles That Look Beautiful [Kindle Edition]

Free Candle Making Genius

Free Candle Making Genius: How To Make Candles That Look Beautiful & Amaze Your Friends [Kindle Edition]

Head on over to Amazon to get this FREE Candle Making Genius: How To Make Candles That Look Beautiful & Amaze Your Friends Kindle Edition book. The list price for this is $3.79, so if you’re into making candles or want to learn how to, get it NOW while it’s FREE.

Discover how to make quite simply the most wonderful looking candles.

Inside this book you’ll discover my step by step formula to producing beautiful candles – candles that look like they were made by crafts people after years of training. You will amaze your family and friends with professional looking candles – using the secrets, techniques and tips that I share with you.

You’ll be able to make almost any type of candle you can imagine. Included in this book are details on making everything from beautiful rolled wax candles, floating candles and even the really popular container candles.

I’ll also show you how to produce stunning gel candles. These were among my best selling candles – because they look sensational.

There are also special sections on using soy wax.

Then, just to you give your candles the professional finish, I’ll give you tips on how to decorate and embellish them. Plus how to package them if you are making gifts or selling candles.

Plus if you have any problems there is a detailed guide on how to troubleshoot and fix.

This is a truly comprehensive guide giving you the best candle making formula. Everything is covered from choosing the correct wick (you’d be surprised how many people make these easy errors), colors and fragrances.


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