NEW! 5 FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points + Master List of Free Codes


FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points + Master List of Free Codes

What is Disney Movie Rewards

Get Disney Movie Reward Free Points when you JOIN Disney Movie Rewards, each time you buy a Disney movie you will find an insert inside with a special secret code, simply visit the DMR site linked above, and enter the code into the code box, the points will be added into your account!! You can redeem those points for cool Disney themed items such as Posters, DVD’s, and even a Walt Disney Studios Private Tour!!

Bookmark this page, we’ll bring you all the Disney Movie Rewards points available!

Disney Rewards Points Codes:

  • NEW: Play the Disney Challenge via Facebook – 5 Points (new game every first and third Monday)
  • Check your email from Disney Movie Rewards sent on 1/1/15 titled *Our New Year’s Gift To You* for 50 free points! (added 1/2/2015)
  • 25 Days of Christmas with ABC Family & Disney Movie Rewards ~ December 1 – 25. Get them HERE or find them posted on Disney Movie Rewards on Facebook

    • 12/19 – 21 code is: 25D922 (15 points)
    • 12/18 code is: 25DLUV
    • 12/17 code is: 25D17D
    • 12/16 code is: 25D505
    • 12/15 code is: 25DD15
    • 12/12-14 code is: 25D672 (15 Points) No codes Sat. or Sun.
    • 12/11 code is: 25DPNT
    • 12/10 code is: 25DWED
    • 12/9 code is: 25DSNT
    • 12/8 code is: 25DLT3
    • 12/5 code is: 25D233 (15 Points) No codes Sat. or Sun.
    • 12/4 code is: 25DEEM
    • 12/3 code is: 25DFUN
    • 12/2 code is: 25DXMS
    • 12/1 code is: 25D1ST
  • Check your email for a special message from DMR! – You could get 50 free points
  • Sign in and take the new survey for 100 free points!
  • DMRTY2 – 50 points ~ added: 9/22/2014
  • U13PEKSZZD – 25 points ~ added: 5/29/2014
  • Link your DMR account to Facebook – worth 25 points
  • Click here to take a survey worth 25 points
  • You’ll also get 100 free points on your birthday, so don’t forget to claim them (they send an email).
  • M1D179FJ391K

Things to note:

  • You can only enter 10 codes per day
  • Entering too many expired codes will get your account banned or removed
  • If your account gets blocked, call 1-866-246-8646  Monday through Friday, 9:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. central time to talk to a customer service representative. After you ask them to unblock your account, you should be able to log in again within 48 hours



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  1. Ashley says

    I have 3 DMR codes up for trade Cinderella Bluray 150 points, Alice in wonderland DVD 100 points, and Cars 2 DVD 100 points, wanting to trade for ones I don’t already have and equal value. Thank you :)

  2. mel says

    Does anyone have the code for lion king trilogy 8 disc set??? I have the set and can not find the code.

  3. sajel says

    I think codes can only be used once…desperately seeking 6 more codes for 100pt or more codes for less…time sensitive please email me them if you don’t need them…

    Thank you SO much in advance

  4. Kim says

    Hey Everyone! Not sure how trading codes works? Aren’t the codes only able to be used one time? Or is it one time per user?

    Anyhow, I am trying to get together about 1800 points to treat my kids out to a movie. Let me know how this works; I may have codes for trade.

  5. katie says

    Im lookin for 10 codes no one is goin to use. Im tryin to get my daughter tangled for her 2nd Birthday comein up soon and im only 10 codes away im so close i just need a lil help from u guys. Plz e-mail me the codes if u have any

  6. Kara says

    Trying to quickly build up points so I can order some things for my kiddos if anyone has any unwanted codes they’d like to share with me I would greatly appreciate it. :) Please and thank you.

  7. Susan says

    These two I got the message that the code is no longer live
    FROZEN – 10 points
    ELSA – 10 points

  8. Alicia says

    Frozen – C7H2Q98DVMR – 100 points
    Cars – B456QYQPTHL – 100 points

    If anyone has some they can email me it would be greatly appreciated. I will bookmark this site and post more as they come in.

  9. Renee says

    Hi I’m in Australia and I got a code that I haven’t used DCJMTMK766N it’s from the wizards on deck with Hannah Montana

  10. Cara Daymude says

    Thank you for points got 50+ :) between survey linking my account and the 25 point code alot of em said weren’t live does that mean they are expired ?

  11. Eric says

    I have a bunch of disney rewards codes that I would like to trade for equal value for codes I do not have. Here is a list of the codes I have to trade.

    Santa Clause 3 The Escape Clause DVD 100 pts.
    Let It Shine Extended Edition DVD 100 pts.
    The Santa Clause Holiday Collection DVD 125 pts.
    Disney Princess Party Volume 2 DVD 75 pts.
    Toy Story Special Edition DVE 100 pts. I have 3 of these.
    Brave DVD 100 pts. I have 3 of these as well.
    Phineas and Ferb: A Very Perry Christmas DVD 75 pts.
    Toy Story 2 Special Edition DVD 100 pts.
    Halloween Town High DVD 75 pts.

    My email is feel free to email me so we can trade.

  12. Heidi S. says

    Thanks for posting. I had already redeemed the codes but I hadn’t noticed about the survey yet. 25 points added to my total :)

  13. Tammy F. says

    New code worth 25 points: twitterpated (exp 3/29)
    code worth 25 points: FPSNN83JX9
    code worth 5 points: 1438JFKJK0W

    All three worked for me thanks a bunch :)

  14. Melisha says

    Only the first one worked for me…just sharing to help others not get their account blocked..

  15. Courtney says

    So glad I double checked. It was Angels in the Infield. Poop. Well I ordered Ice Princess. Merry Christmas to me. Now I have to start at 0. 1000 points is a long way away.


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