Is ChatAbout Legit? Uncovering Hoaxes, Scams and Ripoffs


Is ChatAbout Legit? Uncovering Hoaxes, Scams and Ripoffs

We recently heard about a website called ChatAbout. When someone asked me, “Is ChatAbout Legitimate?,” I had to admit I hadn’t checked it out. They claim to be a great way to make money at home.  Being naturally skeptical, we decided to check it out and share our findings.

ChatAbout has been around for just over a year. Scam Adviser finds the site 100% safe. That basically means the website is safe, and free of bad stuff like viruses and malware.  It doesn’t prove they are a legitimate way to make money or that they actually pay, but it is a good sign that the site is safe.

My research uncovered several sources claiming to have been paid legitimately from ChatAbout.  I did not find anyone who said they weren’t paid, or any indication that this might not be legit.  I did find one person claim they didn’t get full points for a task, but that it was alleviated when she contacted them. Considering they’ve been around for over a year, it seems like word would be out already if they weren’t paying.

So, give ChatAbout a try and let us know what you think!

Here’s how it works:

Points System
Earn points by doing basic tasks on ChatAbout

  • 2 points – Leave a comment anywhere on Topics
  • 3 points – Reply to a comment anywhere on Topics
  • 2 points – Ask a question (Q&A section)
  • 2 points – Answer another members question (Q&A section)
  • 2 points – Reply to a news article (News Section)
  • 10 points – Write a review
  • 20 points – Write an article
  • Bonus Area – Earn points for surveys, watching videos or doing things like following on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
  • Refer Friends – earn 20% of your friends points forever!

How to participate and earn money with ChatAbout:

  • Create your own discussion topic
  • Comment on someone else’s discussion
  • Answer questions
  • Ask questions

Redeem points for Paypal or Amazon (they also have lots of nice items you can “buy” with points):

  • 500 points is equal $5.00
  • 2500 pts equals $25.00
  • 5000 pts equals $50.00

here at GimmieFreebies, we are the home of the Gimmie’s Big List of Fake Freebies to Avoid. We research all samples before we share to keep you safe online. We also bring you general alerts like this one so you can avoid issues.  You may not realize it, but scammers and spammers are notorious for posting fake offers. There are lots of reasons why people post fake freebies, but usually it is about money. They build up a website or Facebook fanpage and then sell it for profit. Or, they take your info submitted in their alleged freebie form, and sell it to Spammers.  Some even deposit malicious code when you visit their website!

Stay safe online with Gimmie’s Big List of Fake Freebies to Avoid!



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