2 Pair Free Pantyhose or Tights

Free Pantyhose

2 Pair Free Pantyhose or Tights

Choose your FREE Legwear! Get 2 Pair of Pantyhose or Tights — FREE! Feel sexy, slim and super-comfortable all day. Your legs, tush and tummy will all look great!

Choose your FREE Legwear! Plus, FREE Bonus Gift!
· 2 FREE Pair of Pantyhose or Tights
· Body-slimming control tops for a smooth and sleek look!
· Your legs, tush and tummy will look great all-day!
· Pay just $3.95 shipping and handling

With this offer you’re joining a club. There’s no obligation to continue after you get the free legwear. We share these offers only because this is a really great way to get awesome free stuff for just the cost of shipping. I set a reminder on my phone so I remember to decide if I want to cancel. If you have a hard time remembering, you could try that too!

NOTE:  A credit card is required to check out. If you’d  rather not use your primary credit/debit card for offers, consider getting  a Free Credit Card we recommend.

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